Baled Pine Straw Needles

Pine Straw Needles are nature's perfect mulch. Lightweight, easy to spread and competitive in cost when compared to other mulches, and is much more sustainable as compared to harvesting trees for mulch. Pine Straw degrades slower than other mulches, will not float, blow or wash away and provides a nice, visually appealing look that brings out the best in your landscape. It is quickly becoming the groundcover of choice by golf courses and commercial landscapers nationwide, and has been a favorite in the southern states for many years.

Pine Straw Needles are excellent for soil health (keeps moisture in and weeds out), erosion control, and doesn't attract termites and other damaging pests. It is also a favorite of Master Gardeners and Landscapers everywhere and, of course, Made in the USA!

Ameriscape makes it easy! We bale and compress quality pine straw needles and then palletize them, which is the best way to package and deliver them, and we can ship as little as one pallet to full truckload quantities to your retail location! Contact us toll free at 1-800-722-1171 or use our Contact Form to place "nature's perfect mulch" in your product offering today!


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